Greetings! My name is Rich Glenny, and this is my blog about various ideas and thoughts going through my head, as well as books, music, and the occasional sketch.

πŸ“š = Books I am reading (or want to read) 🎢 = I like listening to music, but mostly while done other things (work, dishes, etc…) πŸ“= Thoughts on Design and Drawing 🎨 = Thoughts on Creativity, which in my mind goes far beyond the realm of design 🏎️ = I am not sure why, but racing is fun to watch and follow - with the exception of F1. Too much money, not enough racing. 🌱 = Plants and Things that Grow. The idea of “Regenerative Design” may also fall into this category. ✝️ = Thoughts on Christianity and Life as a Christian πŸŒ’ = Waxing Crescent reflects learning and growing as a person. A little bit of light, and hopefully getting a little brighter each day!

Waxing Crescent πŸŒ’ @rglenny